Muhasebe Eğitimi
33rd Turkey
Accounting Education
April 23-27, 2014
New Approaches in Accounting Education in the Digital Age

Anadolu University is honoured to hold the internationally attended 33rd Turkish Accounting Education Symposium. The main theme of the symposium is “New Approaches to Accounting Education in the Digital Age”.

The basic factors that accelerate the challenges in a rapidly changing and globalizing world are new and advance technologies. Particularly with the introduction of digital technologies, the issue of technology has today gone beyond the mere use of computers and turned out to be interconnected, online, effective, fast, credible, simple, accessible, learnable, and sensorial platforms. The above-mentioned developments in digital technologies have great effects on our manner of life, economics and even politics. In this connection, it may not be an ample act to make a remark solely on the development of the technology. It is rather a new era called the “Digital Age”.

Based upon the subjects indicated above, the focal point of this symposium is to discuss the future of accounting with the means and effects of the digital age, and the design of accounting education in the 21st century.